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Empower your library staff with the Polaris Leap web client, which delivers the full power of Polaris ILS public service workflows through a browser. This means your staff can connect with patrons and complete tasks virtually anywhere — even outside the library walls.

Whether you are just beginning to work with Polaris Leap or are looking to brush up on what is available in the most recent release, Innovative Customer Support has prepared this solution in order to provide you with a single location for starting your search for information. 

Below are links to documentation, guides, solutions, videos, webinars, and other helpful Leap resources.

Getting started

Is your library brand new to Leap?  Below are helpful links on how to get started with settings and permissions after Leap has been installed. 

Training Videos and Guides (no login required)

Start training to use Leap today! Training materials are available for you and your staff to watch with no login required in the Polaris Training and Learning Center.

Webinars (no login required)

Watch, re-watch, or share the free webinars on a variety of Polaris Leap topics.   You can find upcoming webinars under Events on

Helpful Solutions (Supportal login required)

The solutions knowledgebase in the Supportal has helpful information based on the incoming tickets and questions received by Polaris Customer Support.


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